I have a working compass for one city alone. Everywhere else, I'm perpetually lost. However, this tends to lend itself well for stories, meeting new people and long walks.
  • Selfie Sunday - Hey friends!!

  • I know the rule of thumb is to face problems head on and to attack, chin up, and with armor built to sustain a most crushing blow, but most bits and pieces of me would like to dodge and then dash over to Europe. 

    It is far from my greatest loves, but what if running away is the only thing I feel is right to do despite all rules to the contrary? Break a rule to learn a rule. 

    I was never book smart… I always needed to apply and project a problem onto a like situation. So if that means running into the fog and desolation of a new foreignness, so be it. 

  • Had the worst nightmare. Shouldn’t post it except to say, dear things were hurt and it was too graphic. Then again, my dreams are always vivid and odd — if only this one didn’t have to be a period horror piece reminiscent of the 1700s.