You said to go where?
I have a working compass for one city alone. Everywhere else, I'm perpetually lost. However, this tends to lend itself well for stories, meeting new people and long walks.
  • Imminent Death

    Every time I mention camping alone, it is met with comments about potential danger… via miscreant or mountain lion.

    Um, well, sure. If that’s what it comes down to.

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  • "Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart, when you go, what you leave is a work of art, on my chest, on my heart"
    The Paper Kites, Featherstone
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  • Can’t stop laughing at my desk…

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  • Maybe You Should Take A Hint

    Guy in Office: you always have such a stern look on your face - do you ever smile? 

    Me: *stares*

    Guy in Office: should I be scared?

    Me: yes


    Because I don’t have time to deal with people who suggest I need to smile incessantly. Maybe this is my natural demeanor. I won’t smile for you on command. 

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  • Z.Woods - Sunday Best

  • Air Shaper - The Silence Spoke Sadness

    so pretty and calm