I have a working compass for one city alone. Everywhere else, I'm perpetually lost. However, this tends to lend itself well for stories, meeting new people and long walks.
  • Decorations - Girls

    Let’s take a moment to dance. Let’s forget that tomorrow is Monday. Let’s just not think for a second, ok? Lovely.

  • "

    I laced my shoes with sorrow

    and walked a weary road

    dead end streets

    don’t come undone

    with double knots

    wing tipped shoes

    that walk on air

    through vacant lots

    Saul Williams
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  • "I had a better time hiking 14 miles with 60 yr olds than going on a date with Carpenter McDUI Douche. Turns out seniors have better developed social skills than 30 yr old peter pans."
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  • Hey! My friends are competing for a grant to help improve LA’s arts and culture… If anyone is curious or lives in LA and would like to know more (or vote for their project if you like their idea), please follow the link. 

    Their idea: Play With Music Platform 

    PWMP is a comprehensive, scalable music platform for education. We’ll start as a pilot after school program & scale into a tablet app based platform.

    PWMP will teach not only basic music skills, but the fundamentals of modern audio engineering, sound design, production & editing. 
    Starting with a song structure provided by The New History, students will create & play their own song “parts”. They’ll choose an instrument (or use what is being taught in class), and each student will perform their own original “part” on video. Then they’ll build a “virtual band” by assembling their video performance with other videos made by classmates, and/or from our PWMP Database (a database of peers, including kids in other schools, & pros).

  • Skizzy Mars - Way I Live

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  • Brika - Options

  • Jessie Baylin - Storms

    Let it flow. 

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