I have a working compass for one city alone. Everywhere else, I'm perpetually lost. However, this tends to lend itself well for stories, meeting new people and long walks.
  • motherjones:

    “In early February, a US Patent and Trademark Office court…confirmed what baseball fans had suspected for more than a century: The New York Yankees are evil. After an internet startup, Evil Empire Inc., had attempted to trademark the phrase “Baseball’s Evil Empire,” the Yankees filed an injunction, and the panel of judges agreed. As the court put it, “The record shows that there is only one Evil Empire in baseball and it is the New York Yankees.” If only it were true.”

    And here’s why other baseball team owners are evil.

    Say it isn’t so, Cubs!

  • Kanye should be the moderator for the next debate.

    Can we start a petition for this?

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  • So… when I turn the front page of this issue, it’s going to play Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells, yeah? 

    (p.s. super impressed that the Brits could publish this with a straight face - I respect that)

  • Colm Kenna, The Irish Times, 29 June 2012

    …haha :| 

  • "The use of film productions to assist high net worth people in avoiding billions of pounds in income tax was another scheme highlighted. The Guardian newspaper carried a column saying the scale and generosity of the tax breaks that could be achieved by investing in film productions explained why so many bad films had been produced in the UK in recent years."
  • David Wilson, Current Ghetto Dynamics

    - impacts of recessions on prisons, ghettos and the populations within them

  • "If this ghetto-prison nexus continues to unravel…a compensatory response would be anything but surprising…. [M]ore drug raids, more curfew…more intense surveillance of streets and public spaces…. The heightened “surveillance city” of Los Angeles…could become the norm across rust belt cities. Indeed, this appears to be happening already, where such stepped-up tactics in Chicago’s South Side, Cleveland’s East Side, and Indy’s Eastside are being widely reported."
  • Rick Santorum calling climate science bogus.  (via officialssay)

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  • "Tell that to a plant, how dangerous carbon dioxide is."
  • motherjones:

    The Canada Party still wants your vote for president:

    Mr. Obama, we’re Canadian, and even we think you’re too polite. So take a lesson from the most passive aggressive country on earth. Just agree to whatever they want, and then when it’s time to put up, drop the mic and Slim Shady right off the stage. Or as we call it up here, “pulling a Kyoto.”

    Yes. I have tears in my eyes… *clapping* — that was brilliant, Canada.

  • touchpausengage:


    A dating website for politics?

    An idea just crazy enough to work.

    Not new, but interesting idea. However, the people that use this probably have a decent idea of who they’re going to vote for. Thus rises the argument around the necessity of such a tool - not that we Americans are rooted in necessities. It’d be interesting to see their user demographics. Obviously, the benefits of whatever data is collected about political leanings are clear. What do you think?  

    How intriguing… now shopping for a candidate is as easy as picking out the perfect pair of shoes to go along with my wardrobe. Yeah, except the ramifications are that much greater and I really do wonder what would happen if the results churned out by this were followed. Hmmmm… definitely a thought piece. Let’s grab our coffee, tea, hot cocoa, mulled cider, or adult beverages and discuss this point. I think it could get interesting.